Are you a professional in the Tourism Industry?

Word of mouth is one of the most successful and reliable ways of advertising a tourism brand, which has grown in the past years through the rise of social media. Anyone can influence on consumers and give advice nowadays, so working with Influencers is essential to build a reputation online, especially if the Influencers message aligns with the brand’s values. Bloggers and influencers are able to develop credibility through personal experiences and driving messages to their niches of audience.

Destinations and tourism industry professionals are getting awareness of the benefits of working with Travel bloggers and Influencers.

TRABLIN works with decision makers to create their list of needs and drive the correct message through its large database. We select the best influencers for your campaign in order to advice on top quality candidates.



  • They amplify the content reach, allowing brands to access to new audiences when sharing messages.
  • They create trust on brands if their followers are engaged and loyal.
  • They get your message actioned in a reliable way.
  • They create content as User generated content, which can be used forever on social media channels.
  • They can provide more value than traditional media and join others to create virality.
  • They offer a personal experience that can influence on consumers in the future.