Tobias Hoiten | Travel Writer & Photographer

Topic: “How to take beautiful photographs as a Travel Blogger for Instagram”

Tobias is a travel blogger from Northern Germany with a main focus on nature, landscape and cityscape. With his instagram account and travel blog he wants to share his passion about getting in touch with beautiful travel destinations in Europe. For over two years he has been working with tourism boards and hotels to promote them. In his masterclass session he will give insights about how to take beautiful photographs as a travel blogger for Instagram.

Topics covered Masterclass:
Fundamentals, Lightroom for Photographers, Travel Photography, Photojournalism, Nature and Landscape Photography.



Emma Dai | Graphic Designer / Photographer

Topic: “Building Your Brand Through Graphic Design and Photography”

Graphic Designer for The Apārtment since 2015 – creating promotional and business materials for the company and events, including The Apārtment at London Fashion Week S/S16, A/W16, S/S17, S/S/18 and A/W18.
Freelance Graphic Designer working with clients such as Intern Magazine, We Are KIN and Smith & Sinclair.
Photographer for Bumble, the networking app with a focus on female empowerment – shooting London-based events, including Head Honey/Queen Bee Summits, Valentine’s Day Drinks collaboration with The Alchemist, Smith & Sinclair Perfume Workshop and BFF Bowling at All Star Lanes. Brand Ambassador for Bumble, developing and delivering marketing strategies and activations in Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.
Founder of lifestyle blog Parisiemme, creating content in collaboration with brands such as CaseApp, CarbonCoco, Slick Case, Curioos, Audaviv, Ettika, EyeBuy Direct and more.

Title of Masterclass: Building Your Brand Through Graphic Design and Photography

Topics covered on Masterclass: Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Blogs, Content Creation



Patrika Alis | Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

Topic: “Influencer Content Planning: Creating a successful, engaging influencer brand”

Patrika Alis is an avid travel-hacker and lifestyle blogger that enjoys detailing her adventures on Instagram. Aside from travel blogging, she is a tech marketer and speaker that specializes in International to American expansion, creative strategy and customer experience. On stage, Patrika uses a balance of every day scenarios and humor to convey a resonating message. She recently launched Motivated Global, an online resource dedicated to creating, sustaining and enjoying an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Title of Masterclass: Influencer Content Planning: Creating a successful, engaging influencer brand.

Topics covered on Masterclass: Learn the tips and tricks of Instagram Grid planning, batch content creation, hashtag selection, personalized follow-up and more to build your online presence as a travel and lifestyle influencer.

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Lydia Yang | Travel Blogger, Digital Marketing Consultant

Topic: “”Influencers and Bloggers”, a dirty word on the mouths of hotels and airline brands in this time and age? Find out what are brands actually need/ are looking out for when working with bloggers, and how to adapt and adjust what you can offer when working with them.”

Lydia is a Singaporean female adventurer who loves to travel the world and inspire others to do the same through
her travel page Lydiascapes.com. She spend 6 years doing marketing and branding for top marketing and travel brands like the Marriott Chain of hotel in Maldives, but in 2018, she moved out to be an independent digital marketing consultant, managing her digital projects/ clients remotely and finding time to pursue her love for travel, blogging and speaking. In her free time, she loves rock climbing and doing crazy outdoor activities.

Title of Masterclass: ”Influencers and Bloggers”, a dirty word on the mouths of hotels and airline brands in this time and age? Find out what are brands actually need/ are looking out for when working with bloggers, and how to adapt and adjust what you can offer when working with them.  

Topics covered on Masterclass: What actually matters to travel brands?, Online Customer purchase journey and where do bloggers fit in?, How can bloggers secure that better partnership with brands?

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Gabriela Teisu | Content Creator

Topic: “How food becomes the real motivation for travel”

Gabriela is a longtime expat and traveler, a food lover and a constantday-dreamer. She’s also very keen on sharing her stories about traveling and exploring our beautiful planet. She is the voice behind “i am foodie traveler”, a collection of stories and impressions from her wanderings around the world.

Title of Masterclass: How food becomes the real motivation for travel.

Topics covered on Masterclass: Traditional food and how to find the best spots in each corner of the world, with an
emphasis on ethical aspects of it, as there are a lof of prejudices around certain countries.

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Erik Mohn | Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Topic: “How to Sell Without Selling Out: Building Authentic Partnerships with Brands & Tourism Boards

Erik Mohn is a lover of mystery and a seeker of novelty. He was born for the unorthodox as well as the unexpected. At three months old, he was adopted in Atlanta, GA. At six months old, his new family packed their bags and moved to Geneva, Switzerland for three years, a journey that earned him the first stamps on his passport. Erik’s baby pictures are filled with the landscapes of Spain, The Netherlands, London, Sweden, France, and Germany. It is no surprise that Erik caught the travel bug early.

Erik now serves as the Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Passion Passport, a startup which provides inspirational and purpose-driven travel storytelling, develops photo and video content, and designs experiential campaigns for brands and tourism boards. In his work at Passion Passport, Erik spends his day to day developing partnerships with brands and tourism boards and has worked on campaigns with clients such as VIA Rail, Southwest, and Cathay Pacific.

In his previous professional life, Erik worked at a non-profit leading service-learning trips to countries such as Haiti, Guatemala, and Ghana. He also served as a Sales Manager at Yelp. Today, he fuses his expertise in Sales & Marketing with his love for authentic travel experiences to build meaningful relationships and tell lasting stories.

Topics Covered in Masterclass:

– How to get your foot in the door with humility, humor and a whole lot of humanity

– How to build common ground with values, principles, and style

– How to treat yourself like a business without losing your soul

– How to use sales as a vehicle for collaborative storytelling with your dream clients



Giovanna Silvestre | Content creator & Fashion Designer

Topic: “Niche blogging and monetizing through online product selling”

Giovanna is the founder of the brand “Confused Girl”, a Los Angeles based company that started as a blog 4 years ago. On her blogging journey to help other women find their true nature, she was moved to start a yoga wear line inspired by healing crystals. Now 3 years later, she has sold to women in every continent and has hundreds of brand ambassadors all over the world. She has also been featured in Silicon Beach Magazine, Yoga Digest, Yoga Magazine and on the cover of LA Yoga. Check her out @confusedgirlla

Topics covered on Masterclass: How to cultivate a tribe, Niche blogging and monetizing through online sales, Creating something meaningful and selling it to your tribe, Picking a website platform, FB ads and finding what works for you, Debunking some blogger myths.



Annemarie Strehl | Travel blogger, Video maker & Producer

Topic: “The Power of Creative Angles and Innovative Storytelling in Video”

Annemarie Strehl lives and breathes creative story telling. No trip goes by without some kind of disaster striking – as always happens in travel – but with a healthy dose of optimism and big slab of the ridiculous, these stories are turned into informative and entertaining videos, originally infused with education and cultural insight into it every now and then. They even made it into book form on Amazon. However, video making and editing as well as
colourful photography are her forte and her global projects and collaborations through her vivid travel blog have enabled her to travel the world continuously for the past three years, creating unique marketing campaigns and live coverage throughout.

Topics covered on Masterclass: How to stand out in a sea of travel and promotional videos through clever video shooting and cinematic editing. How to find and amplify your brands voice and showcase personality that connects with clients.



Justin Wagner | Media, Content & Entertainment Manager

Topic: “How to Activate Your Content”

Justin Wagner is the Partner Activations Manager at Citizine Networks (citizine.tv). Justin works with content creators to strategize their content, negotiate influencer campaigns and monetize their brands. He also works with brands to help them reach audiences in more meaningful and powerful ways through video content. Over the past two years, Justin has worked with tourism boards, ecotourism companies, CPG brands and food & beverage companies, among others, to help them meet their goals. Justin has visited more than a dozen countries, and hopes to visit many more in the years to come.

Topics covered on Masterclass: Creating actionable content while working with brands, destinations, agencies and talent managers. We will also cover how to best utilize “PlaceLists” and other technologies to create optimal video experiences for a digital audience.



*Masterclass Sessions are NOT obligatory, they are optional.