If you have any questions that do not appear here, please contact us via email at info@trablin.com


· Who can attend TIS ICELAND Event?

Bloggers, influencers, Instagrammers, Vloggers, Youtubers, photographers, film makers and all content creators.


· I don’t have a blog yet, may I attend as well?

If you create content on any other platform, you can.


· How many tours are included in TIS ICELAND Event?

4 tours are included in the final price of Bloggers pass. You can check them HERE.


· What’s included with the blogger pass?

We offer 10 speakers, 2 afternoons of workshop and 4 tours in Iceland, as well as lunch and coffee break, and official events.


· PAYMENT: I live outside the EU, can I pay my ticket with credit card?

Sure. Also by paypal.


· I don’t have a paypal account, how can I pay my ticket?

Vía Paypal, there no need to have a paypal account to pay the invoice.


· Where can I see the tours included in TIS ICELAND Event? In our PRE – TIS Experiences section of the website.


· Is there a group where I can chat with other bloggers assisting TIS ICELAND Event?

Yes, there is a facebook group called ‘TISiceland’.


· I won’t be able to assist for PRE-TIS tours, may I change to POST-TIS tours?

Sure, just let us know dates you wish to be on tours.


· I want to registrate with a friend, should we register separately?

Yes, each participant should register seprately.


· Are hotel and transport included?

No, it’s on your own expense. There are DISCOUNTS for bloggers attending the event.


· I need to buy my tickets, and I still do not have the tours confirmed, when should I travel to Iceland?

Since the tours experiences are from the 9th to 12th of Nov, we recommend that you arrive on November 8th.