Founded 1000 years ago, Marrakech has an incredible and uncommon history, marked by the brilliant periods of its history; today it retains a rich cultural heritage. It is up to us then to dive deeper into the periods that fascinate us. The architectural richness and the diversity of the styles of decoration and arrangement of these different monuments give to the city a capital patrimonial of the most prestigious of the country.

In addition to its inescapable monuments, Marrakech also offers the opportunity to the visitor to stroll between its museums with multiple and varied collections. Different faces of Marrakech and Morocco can thus be seen. Traditional and popular art is widely represented at the Dar Si Said Museum, the Marrakech House of Photography and the Bert Flint Museum. However, lovers of contemporary art will not be outdone: The Museum of Marrakech, already known for the wealth of its collections of ancient objects focuses on other expressions of Moroccan art by setting value of contemporary artists.

To get an idea of the richness of the local handcraft of its 40,000 craftsmen, nothing beats a stroll in the souks of the medina among the most famous of Morocco for their diversity and the atmosphere. The souks of Marrakech are unique in the world in their organization and size. It is a very rewarding experience for the visitor. They have traditional narrow streets, to protect yourself from the sun. The souks are organized by district and by profession.