Travel bloggers are the key to promote destinations due to their Blog content and Multimedia skills, which is usually focused on recommending and expressing their experiences.




Spreads key messages: They are able to create content driving the correct message to a wide audience.

Publish experiences: Within weeks of campaign-end, bloggers publish posts and pictures of their trip.

Influence on travel decisions: Bloggers become important on what the audience decide to experience when traveling.

Possess creative skills: Most of bloggers have multimedia knowledge and create great stories, very visible and clear for their readers.

Virality through social media channels: As big experts of online channels, travel bloggers will be able to make their content viral.

Content is everlasting: What bloggers publish will stay on the Internet, and will be able to be read and shared forever.

User generated content: It is very positive for destinations to share what bloggers post, as they get messages spread on their social media channels.

Readers trust Blog’s content: It is more real and authentic to read what other people experience more than traditional advertisements.

Improve destinations’ image: Travel bloggers write about their positive experiences, which help tourist resorts position as a perfect travel destination.


Not all travel bloggers are the same, and that is great! They communicate information for different niches, target audiences and demographics, and this should be taken into account when creating a blogger campaign. What is the message and who will receive it, that is the key.  In TRABLIN, we believe creativity is the most important factor when it comes to creating a successful campaign. Bloggers should choose campaigns and actions that they are passionate about, as this will help them grow a community when they enjoy what they do and see.